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443 definitions by Eric

1.guys who put on enough pads to usaully keep themselves alive play on professional teams and get paid alot of money,who still get injured

2.people who play football for fun with or without pads because we think its fun and we love the game,were not all jocks either
1.terrel owens went to play in the superbowl after breaking his ankle

2.me and my friends who play for the hell of it
by eric February 26, 2005
Alcohlic beverage, technically spiced rum. It's what Eric got suspended for.
Eric drank captain morgans and came to school! now hes suspended for 10 fucking days! LOL!
by Eric January 07, 2005
Over Doing it
the way jesus got beat was o.d
by Eric April 03, 2004
Short for Discharge beat. This extremely influential band created the insanely popular and infinitely mimicked d-beat, roughly tabbed below:

It's meant to be played blazingly fast.
Meanwhile is a d-beat band.
by Eric April 14, 2005
Phrase shouted at climax of sex.
I'm Comming!!
by Eric March 21, 2003
A suburb in Minnesota right outside St. Paul and Minneapolis.
Roseville in Minnesota has existed since the 19th century so the other ones can go suck themselves. We also had the first Target ever and MacGyver lived here.
by Eric August 25, 2006
Daragatory comment used against those of asian and sometimes hispanic desent(infering the only job they could have is working in a feild picking rice.
What do you think your doing you rice picker
by eric January 05, 2005