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Haters are somewhat of a breed of a Human-Extraterrestial Being cross born with about 2 or fewer purposes in life. To Annoy and Pester. They tend to lurk around the Internet, finding places to plant their little devious plans of destruction. Their primary targets are usually those who are:

-Part of a Fandom/Group
-Just plain better than them

How they operate is simple. To bring up pointless, nonsensical facts about a certain topic towards a person, usually against that topic. They all have a catchphrase (which is really stolen from Trolls nonetheless), "U Mad, Bro?". This statement is the blind truth that these people have nothing better to do with their time on the Internet.
Guy: So I put up this picture on the internet
Girl: That's awesome! Can I se-
Hater: Faggot! Why don't you go jack off to your anime crap you yiff!
Girl: What did you say to my boyfriend...?

Hater: U Maaad, Brooo?
Person: Actually, I think you're the one who's mad because compared to me... And many others... You just suck.
Hater: ...
by Epyk February 15, 2013

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