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A Perfect Set Of Titties Sitting Lovely In A Bra (Cleavage) ! It Looks As If They Have A Baby Upside Down Under Their Shirt, Bra, etc. Soft As A Babies Ass I Might Add!!!! D.M.T.
D.M.T., Baby Butts, Lovely Rack, Breast, Cleavage, Boobs, Ty Tys
by Epills215 October 25, 2009
A Person Who Thinks They Are The Shit, But AT The End Of The Day They Are Shit Worthless. They Pretend To Be A V.I.P.
But Little Do They Know, Because They Are The Only Person Who Think That Why About Them...
Self Proclaimed V.I.P.
They Go To The Club And Sit In V.I.P. Knowing They Are Living Check Bye Check....

They Try Their Hardest To Be In The Lime Light But Don't Get It Because They Are Frauds...
by epills215 October 25, 2009

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