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Rule 911 dictates that if you can't beat them, ram any drivable vehicle into their property and destroy it.
George: I cut a flower from my next door neighbours' garden.
Obama: So what?
George: He drove his rideable lawn mower all over my flower bed.
Obama: Yeah rule 911 buddy.

Joe: I asked for a pay rise today.
Jack: Did you get it?
Joe: No but I drove my car through the managers office.
Jack: Good old Rule 911 eh? Can't beat then smash up their property by driving something through it.
Joe: Yeah!

Rule 911 Revenge Payback
by Ephestion July 04, 2011
The word Australian is an alternative word for Skips, Kangaroo Bangers or Kangaroo Fuckers.
Joe: Where are you from?
Aussie: I'm a Kangaroo Banger
Joe: Oh so your an Australian. That is nice.

Australian AustraliaSkipKangaroo FuckerKangaroo Banger
by Ephestion July 07, 2011
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