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The names and phone numbers that get passed along now that your friend is seeing someone exclusively.
Now that Jason and Cindy are exclusive, she said she'd pass along some of her Heirloom Cock to us. Dibs on the guy with all the tattoos.
by Ephemily February 27, 2012
A woman who uses her vagina or other orifices to hold sway over someone, or provide leverage that situations will play out in her favor.
She is such a cuntortionist. First it was withholding sex from her boyfriend because he didn't stop playing Skyrim the moment she told him to and now she's promising sex if he buys her that ridiculous car she wants.
by Ephemily December 30, 2013
Fat or flesh that can't be classified as back fat or actual breast tissue that hangs under the arms. They are the counterpart to Bingo Wings, the excess fat or sagging skin

on the upper arms. When not compressed by the bra of a band or other "foundation garment", excessive pit tits can prevent the owner from drawing their arms to their ides, giving them a sumo wrestler stance.
I wish it were possible to moosh my pit tits into the cups of my bra. Maybe then, I wouldn't need a wonderbra just to look proportionate.
by Ephemily January 10, 2013
The area of the leg where the upper thigh and buttocks meet, but has little to no definition. It's like Cankles, only higher up on the leg.
I was an idiot and ran 2 miles on a treadmill when I can barely get from the couch to the fridge without wheezing. I think I pulled a muscle in my thuttocks.
by Ephemily January 17, 2013
The pinching sensation from wearing a bra that is does not fit correctly, or has failed structurally. They can be caused by a band that is too tight, a cup that is the incorrect size, or a part of the support structure, like an underwire, has broken or torn through the fabric and is irritating the skin. Most often felt on the "pit tits" or cleavage.
My boyfriend is going to wonder if I'm cheating on him when I take off my clothes tonight. My tits are covered in bra bites!
by Ephemily January 10, 2013
A neighbor or fellow tenant who's constantly doing some behavior that is obnoxious, loud, irritating, or unsafe. They are the "thorn in your side" of the building or block.
Phil went to work early this morning and forgot to turn off his regular alarm again. I lay in bed, listening to it beeping for an hour before I gave up and moved to the couch. I think he stole the title of Neighbur" from Nancy, the lady who was always propping the door open for her booty calls.
by Ephemily November 25, 2012
A frenzied sex act or romp.
This is why I don't drink tequila. I woke up this morning, and my entire apartment looked like it was hit by an F5 whoricane. There was a trail of clothing starting with my left shoe in the driveway, and ending with my shredded panties on at the foot of the bed.
by Ephemily February 27, 2012

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