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2 definitions by EnzoYug

acronym: 'someone who gives a shit'
(pronounced: sew-gass)
"That's a great story. Really it is. But do I look like SOWGAS to you?"
by EnzoYug May 17, 2005
7 2
MUPPET is an acronym for:

'Most Useless / Pathetic Person Ever Trained'

Common usage has seen the term become a day-to-day reference for someone who is particularly stupid, clumsy or lacking common in sense and logic.

Origins: Unknown - however most evidence points to the film industry (particulary gaffers & grips) rather than the US Military who is usually given the credit for such acronyms.
"Shall we get Tom in on the project?
Tom? - Hell no, He's a total muppet."
by EnzoYug June 04, 2006
27 23