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1. A chick that is decently looking/attractive in the face, but also has qualities of a nice rack (mostly the rack) and butt that come from her being overweight/fat. Unfortunately she is overweight so she will have a spare tire around her waist as well as thighs that are almost as big as 155mm howitzer shells.

2. Can also be a good looking chick with the same qualities ( rack and butt ) as the above and might not necessarily be overweight, but can be heavyset, or voluptuous.

The hourglass and pear female body shapes are typical examples of the the second definition.
Bob: Queen Latifah's hot.

Alice: She looks fat.

Bob: Yeah, but she's a good lookin' fat chick.
by Enz8 March 09, 2011
When a non-Black person attempts to do something to or with Black people and the attempt back fires on them.

The attempt often times has friendly intentions, but can still go bad.

Coined by two students in an UNLV World Literature class.
White person: Wuz up my nig?

Black person: Aw hell no! He did not just say that!

White person: That blackfired on me.
by Enz8 December 29, 2011

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