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The ability of a woman to use her sexuality as well as learned tricks and skills (cooking, maintaining a well stocked beer section of the fridge, personal grooming (shaving everything every day), well thought through eye contact, pushup bras that are helpful but not misleading, etc.) to get a man to do what she wants and/or fall in love with her and/or sleep with her.
girl 1: "I don't know why I keep going out with all these guys but never getting one to date me/sleep with me?!" (whine, whine, whine)
girl 2: "Well let's start you off with the most basic rules of Slut Magic: Did you shave your legs? Did you offer him a beer when he brought you home?"
girl 1: "No"
girl 2: "Well there you go sweety. You can't get any if you aren't prepared for it."
by Envy4 October 06, 2011

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