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A small car from Ford's Mercury line, ranging from 1995 - 2000. The cars have a tendency to overheat when idling, especially since the last model was made in 2000. Sorry -- no drive thrus for you! (Idling is bad for the environment, anyway!) The engine is a 2.0, and the Mystique "Sport" has a 2.2 L engine (oooh, powerful).

The Mystique is usually driven as a first car by hot guys who think that they're cool. If you're too hot and don't need the hottest car to impress the ladies, this is the car for you.
"Hey Mark, pick me up at 8!"
"Sure, Sarah! One problem, though... My 1997 Mercury Mystique might overheat, so I hope it's not a far drive!"
by EnviroChick23 December 19, 2008
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