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To be similar in manner to a freshman, regardless of age; freshman-like. (note that an Umlaut can be used, but is not necessary)
Billy just wouldn't shut up today, he's such an Über frosh.
Billy listens to (insert crappy band name here). He's such an Über frosh
by Enrique Nixon September 20, 2008
After sex dick
After having sex with Cindy, without a condom, Mike woke up with a stinky linky and had to shower before his date with Sarah.
by Enrique Nixon December 08, 2010
When you smoke so much your muscles feel like they are jerking about.
"Dude, I think i need to go to the hospital, it feels like I'm seizing."
Naw dude, you're just Frankeinsteining! *LMAO*
by Enrique Nixon December 09, 2010

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