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Stands for "Persons Condoning Intelligence." A movement created by an individual known solely as "the milkman," P.C.I. is the antithesis of following of the group I.C.P. "Insane Clown Posse" (juggalos) It seeks to promote individuality, equality and personal growth without the use of inordinate violence and shitty hip hop. Members of P.C.I. believe that you can empower yourself through the vehicles of constructive self -criticism and hard work, rather than the vehicles of explicit song lyrics and smeared face paint. Although the group is not directly opposed to the Insane Clown Posse, it is more opposed to the Juggalo culture that the group creates. Juggaloes (although many of which are failures at life) prey on other members of society (i.e. ones that have a future aside from joining the plumbers union) in order to debase their confidence and give menial false vindication to their already insignificant lives (if you're a juggalo reading this, i bet you had to open a dictionary to figure out what those words mean). But otherwise, members of P.C.I. have 4 simple rules a) you feel like you have some self worth b)you have attained some success in your life aside from landing a job at a trucking company d) you believe Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope cannot compare to 2pac, Jay-Z, Nas, Eminem, Biggie, Andre 3000, etc. e) You don't believe magnets are a "Miracle" .If you believe any of these things, congratulations because you are officially a member of P.C.I.
Ex 1)
Juggalette: Oh Yeah Son! You better not mess with I.C.P. We're dangerous and will kill you.

Any Person with Common Sense (P.C.I.): Shut the Fuck up you ugly bitch. You wouldn't last a day in the Bronx.

Ex 2) Juggalo: You pussies better watch out. I'll tear you from limb to limb. I max out at 130 on the bench

Mike: Awesome you dumb fuck. I'm gonna go study for the SAT.

Ex 3) Juggalo: Yo, you wanna mess you fuckin' pussie?

Person with Real Street Cred: You just fucked with the wrong bull. I'M GONNA TEACH YOU A REAL LESSON NOW MOTHERFUCKER. PUT YOUR FUCKIN' MOUTH ON THE CURB...
by EnoughAlready132 September 05, 2011

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