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the act of riding the village bicycle, after she has been ridden many times before. the criteria for achieving with-a-whore-nication can vary between different lad cultures.

N.B. with-a-whore-nication can be combined with floornication or doornication to create with-a-whore-on-the-floor-nication or with-a-whore-against-the-door-nication. the ultimate act of sexual deviance is with-a-whore-on-the-floor-then-against-the-door-nication, achieved only by lads true to the cause.
jack bucked her, john bucked her, and thomas bucked her. then i bucked her, and was accused of with-a-whore-nication.
by EnnaGodmon April 30, 2012
similar to it's predecessor, 'floornication' doornication is a whole step up from floornication. doornication is the act of engaging in non-marital sex against a door.

WARNING: whilst engaging in doornication, one must take care to ensure that the door handle does not insert itself in ones rectum, or indeed in front passage, should the backdoor be in use.
overcome with the urge to splurge prior to reaching the bedroom, the couple engaged in doornication in the porch.
by EnnaGodmon April 30, 2012

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