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A large group of the exclusively elite.

Not many are sure what exactly this club is, but its secrecy has led to several conspiracy theories:

a) starbucks special deal on carrot lattes, three for the price of 2.

b) a female escort and/or body guard service

c) <3
a) "Hi and welcome to Starbucks, have you tried our new Carat Three deal? Three carrot lattes for the price of two!"

b) 1. "Gina, what happened to your face?!"

"Carat three busted out some moves after I got too close to that hottie in the band."

2. "Call up Carat Three, they are so hot and we need some girls at the club opening!"

c) "<3"
by enlightened jen May 16, 2006
The traditional outfit often worn by teenage girls from an apartment/flat to a Starbucks. Not in order to impress anyone, rather for the hell of it. Usually consisting of a bikini, with at least some of it exposed in some way, hotshorts or a short skirt, and if it is below freezing outside, perhaps some tights and a light jacket.
"Oh my gosh I am CRAVING a tall caramel latte right now. So badly."

"Oh em gee, totally! I would kill for a grande hot apple cider. Go get on your Starbucks outfit!"

"Kay, let me find my bikini."
by Enlightened Jen May 12, 2006
Similar to DTF, but replace "fuck" with "threesome."
guy: "I was at a bar chatting up a beautiful girl when I saw my girlfriend heading my way. I freaked out, but then it turned out that she was DTT."
by enlightened jen December 31, 2008
A British saying; similar to the phrase used by stupid American middle schoolers: "Want a cookie?"
"Hey I'm back!"
"Check you out."
by enlightened jen February 25, 2006
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