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A Mexican, either male or female.
Get this taco folder out of our house!
by England phi beta gamma April 09, 2008
A bottle of muscatel in a brown paper bag. Any other fortified wine like MD 20-20, Cisco, Night Train Flambeau, Ripple ia caaeptable.
It was 9 a.m. and the lush guzzled down a tijuana bag lunch and threw the empty into the street.
by England phi beta gamma April 01, 2008
A term used on M*A*S*H to mean toilet wall grafitti. Used to spread rumors about people who are screwing up everybody else's lives.
Did you read the latest latrinogram?
by England phi beta gamma January 27, 2008
Australian slang meaning "to evict."
She arseholed Tom and Harry and now Dick is all she ever thinks about.
by England phi beta gamma November 15, 2007
A polite way of saying "fuck the dog." It describes laziness, indolence, and sloth.
Don't hire that bloke, he'll only hang around and roger the dog for his paycheck.
by England phi beta gamma November 15, 2007
Rhymes with douche bag.

From the French word bouche which means mouth, and the Australian dag, which means sheep turd. A shit eater.
Smith: That bouche dag just cut me off!
Jones: What do you expect? This is I-95.
by england phi beta gamma October 12, 2008
The vile act of inserting a gerbil into one's rectum. The rodent is first placed into a wide mouth beer bottle, usually Mickey's Malt Liquor. Then squat and headstand.
That queer who was dipping mickey at the orgy had to check into the emergency room.
by England phi beta gamma June 09, 2008

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