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56 definitions by England phi beta gamma

Washington DC -- as pronounced by locals yet somehow appropriate for other reasons.
Q. Where wuz you born at?
A. Huh?
Q. I says where wuz you born at?
A. Oh yea -- Warshington. Norfeas'.
by England phi beta gamma May 21, 2008
Russian slang for shoddy, badly made merchandise. Slipshod craftsmanship, rubbish, trash, garbage.
Don't buy those shoes, they're Chinese brak.
by england phi beta gamma November 13, 2007
An English Sunday called "News of the World"
Run out to the corner and buy me a Whore's Gazette, luv.
by England Phi Beta Gamma March 29, 2008
An elective surgery where a man gets turned into a female. To chop down the tree and split the stump.
Renee Richards was a man until the tuck and roll job.
by England phi beta gamma March 26, 2008
V. To incite a riot.
South Central got mau maued after the Rodney King trial.
by England phi beta gamma January 21, 2008
Term used in Northeast Engaland to mean a proctologist, or any other sort of homosexual doctor. Any employee of the British National Health Service.
Eee, Ah'd rather die at 'ome than get worked over by some arsehole creeper.
by England phi beta gamma November 30, 2007
A Chinese expression used to indicate that some action is a complete waste of time.
Preparing these reports early is like dropping your pants to fart.
by England phi beta gamma July 10, 2008