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a demon that lives in a dildo and fucks you in the ass while youre sleeping.
Henry didn't realize he was getting fucked by an ass ramming dildo demon because he thought it was his friend, AJ.

"I cant let you have anal tonight, I'm still sore from that ass ramming dildo demon."
by EnergyDrinks17 December 29, 2009
when you are watching spongebob and look down and suddenly realize you have a boner
henry: dude anthony, did you see that new episode of spongebob?
anthony: nah dude, i dont watch that show anymore cuz last time I got a small case of spongethrob
henry:dude, you got a boner for sandy?
anthony: actually it was from squidwards nose. It excited me
by EnergyDrinks17 October 22, 2010
Definition 1: A random phrase to yell when you feel left out of a conversation

Definition 2: A phrase to type when you see 2 people fighting on facebook, to annoy them or to amuse yourself from their arguement
Hank: Gavin, you are such a dick!
Gavin: At least I have a dick!
Hank: How did you know!
Dillon: MORE LUMBER!!!
Gavin: What the fuck dillon! go fuck yourself, were having a serious conversation!
Gavin: No! Get the fuck out!
by EnergyDrinks17 February 06, 2011
An insult that can mean any of the following:
1) never eats vagina
2) or no entertainment value
3) or never ending virgin
person 1: dude, isnt Jake a total nev?
person 2: he is man, wait what meaning of the word do you mean?
person 1: well, kinda all 3 definitions describe him perfectly.
by EnergyDrinks17 January 11, 2010

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