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The one who's not getting any action.

One who has not had sex. The definition of sex is highly disputed, as many people believe that one can perform different levels of near-sexual activity (i.e.: oral\cyber\phone sex) and still be a virgin.
Earth Science Teacher: Now class, the moon goes around the earth and doesn't spin. It's not getting any action. The earth goes around the sun and spins. What's the one that's not getting any action?
Class of high-schoolers: A virgin!
Greg: Dude, has you slept with your girlfriend yet?
Graham: She says she wants to stay a virgin until she's married.
Greg: Sucks to be you
Graham's Girlfriend: Have fun with your STDs, Greg!
by Enelya_Linde April 23, 2006
Hawt, or hot. Extremely sexy or good-looking. Used in online forums/chatrooms/IMs/et cetera, often to make fun of idiots who still think that 7V|*!|\|6 in 1337 is 73# |e\/\/1
-Dude, did you see that icon that had a picture of the element Argon and said 'H4wt' in big red letters?
~Yeah, wasn't it from that one time when that one chick couldn't spell Aragorn?
-Yup, that's the one.
~Dude, what an idiot.
by Enelya_Linde April 23, 2006
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