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A type of drug that produces Hallucinations, whether they be auditorial or visual. A Hallucination is something that inst real but you are aware of it by seeing/hearing it, so Hallucinogens create sites and sounds that arent real.
My second time taking LSD, a Hallucinogen, i store at my ceiling and hallicunated beautiful girls faces swirling around in geometric patterns, changing colors.
#tripping #lsd #mushrooms #mesculine #hallicunations
by Endless Night October 29, 2006
"Down Skeet Gang" A very violent and attractive gang originating from Massachusetts. Entrance to this gang requires blowing of diesel lines, killing hookers, babies, and robbing banks.

The gang has rules, such as not to bury the dead babies with the hookers because thats just SKETCHY. DSG is a very violent and dangerous gang and any members should be approached with EXTREME CAUTION.

The gang members represent themselves with a paisley green bandana hung from the left side (much like snoop dog and the crypts).

Although the letters DSG do not stand for Drugs Sex Guns, we assure you theres plenty of Drugs, Sex, and Guns involved with DSG activities.
"All 27 banks in Worcester County were robbed today, authorities say that local crime syndicate DSG are being held responsible. No Arrests have been made"

"Ahhhhhh shit, DSG dun dropped a cop again"
#gang #cocaine #drive by #bank #dank #bomb #attractive #hookers #lsd #sex #money #crack #hippy flipping #candy flipping #lesbians #gangster #police
by Endless Night November 01, 2006
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