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A reference to peoples attempts smuggling going wrong when a parrot start waking up and talking. This talking being misinterpreted as coming from the person who is probably wasted. What is said is confused and short.
Mate walking into room. "Where are we? What time is it? What's my name?!"

Everyone else, "He is smuggling parrots right now."
by eMpTy January 09, 2013
(n.) An invite sent using alternative means for people that don't have facebook/email/cell phone/carrier pigeon.

(v.) To send someone a luddvite
"I printed out a luddvite for Del- he's not on facebook"

"I dropped by Dan's secret cave hideaway to luddvite him to the party"
by Empty July 05, 2012
A word used to describe a type of cripple although mentally able they are deranged in hand-eye co-ordination giving a somewhat spastic appearance.
That kid must have damarus.
Also known as SLAYER!
by empty November 12, 2004

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