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The best college football team. In 2001 they were one of the best teams of all time. They have 5 national championships (as many as all the other colleges in FL combined) and they have been to 10 national championships. They have more first-round drafts into the NFL than any other college team. They will kick any other teams ass if they get the chance. Their mascot is an ibis named Sebastian. They are located in Miami, Florida and now play in the Dolphin Stadium after the orange bowl was deconstructed. They are part of the ACC (Atlantic Coastal Conference) The current head coach is Randy Shannon, a former Defensive Coordinator and a former player.
1. Go Hurricanes!
2. Man, I wish the Canes would win a 6th championship and get back on top!
3. Its all about the "U"!
4. The Miami Hurricanes are the best team ever!
by Emperor_Ownage July 24, 2009

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