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Operation CWAL started as a group of writers fed up with waiting for the game StarCraft to come out. So they did what any sane fan would do -- they wrote short stories. Invaribly, these storys were about a group of fans trying to steal a copy of StarCraft from it's developer, Blizzard. When the game DID finaly come out, Blizzard was so amazed at CWAL's dedication, they imortilized them forever by listing the group in the "Special thanks" part of the credits. They also included "operation CWAL" (Without the quoteation marks) as a cheat that dramaticly decreased unit build times.
There is still a CWAL to this day; you can check out their site at "www.cwal.net."

(Also, CWAL stands for "Can't Wait Any Longer")

There is also another group that has sprung up, who are dedicated to geting blizzard to release StarCraft 2. Hoping to capitelize on the origenal group's fame, they call themselves "Operation CWAL 2." You can find out more about them at www.freewebs.com/cwal2.
(Example? I can't give a f*cking example of Operation CWAL! >.<)
by Emperor Critter August 12, 2006
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