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A person who runs out of their supply of shampoo or other hair products and is forced to used their friends shampoo until they are able to come up with the allotted amount of money needed for new shampoo
"Dave, have you been using my shampoo?"
"Yeah but only for a few days..."
"Dude get your own shampoo you stupid shampoo tweaker"
by EmoDude October 31, 2007
N: A person overly obsessed with Dave Ghrol of the Foo Fighters or Nirvana, to the point of becoming a creature esq man similar to that of a fanboy
Dan: Dude where has John been?

Jake: Man, he's been in his room doing nothing but listening to Foo Fighters and Nirvana just cause Dave Ghrol was in em'.

Dan: Shit...Well it seems hes becoming quite the Ghrolem.

Jake: Oh Yes.
by Emodude April 24, 2008
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