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Pronounced /gíz/. A word synonymous with several other words and phrases such as failure, disappointment and the ability to annoy or frustrate. The word has also been used to describe an individual who frequents less desirable nightclubs on a regular basis for no apparent reason. It can also be used as a word to describe an individual who is particularly melodramatic for the purpose of drawing attention to themselves. The word can be used in several different forms, such as 'pulling a geeze' 'being a geeze' or 'geezing'.
Luke tried his best to do well in his exams, but unfortunately ended up pulling a geeze.

As for Holly, she could only be described as a complete geeze.

Kieran did come to the library to do some work, but unfortunately his ability to be a complete geeze reared its ugly head after ten minutes, much to the chagrin of everyone else.

Sam became known as a bit of a geeze after he began to visit Rogue twice a week, apparently for the atmosphere.

Everyone had sympathy for Stuart, but couldn't stand his constant geezing all the time.
by emosome June 12, 2014
first half of the phrase literally meaning "shit" in German, many Gringos use it as a substitution in situations much like when they would use 'damnit' or 'shit' etc.
Hey dude the tossers r on main street lokkin' for u

Damnit, im in the Scheißenhower!
by emosome September 05, 2009
Meaning 'Oh My Fucking Chicken Shit God!' the abrev. is used in texts and emails, usually having an insult attached at the end, in this case:
Hey i fucked ur sis last nite!

OMFCSGUS piece of shit!
by emosome September 06, 2009
An person that resides in the Devonian town of Holsworthy and is related to most of the rest of the population of said area. A True Holsworthian is also almost always a junkie and will live and breed within the towns limited gene pool for the rest of their lives. Some other subdivisions that are insane enough to move to this slightly backward community are known as Holsworthians and are not usually included in the 'True Holsworthian' gene pool unless the obvious occurs.
True Holsworthian
by emosome August 31, 2010
A phrase recently invented by one S. Evans as a play on the usual 'awkward turtle' used when an awkward silence occurs.
John: Hey guys did you hear? Jack slept with Shannon!
Tim: Fuck off did he!?!?
Jack: Guys I'm right here.
(Awkward Silence)
Max: Awkward left-handed chicken...
by emosome July 21, 2011

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