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A party that is full of guys and minimal females.
That jam last night was a cockpit.
by EmoHatch March 20, 2004
A person who's error or costly action makes friends look bad or draws unwanted attention. Usually due to something breaking, spilling or losing the game etc.

See heat bag
He scored on his own net.. what a cost
by EmoHatch March 19, 2004
A person who attracts attention from the authorities.

NOT a place that attracts attention. A place would be considered a heatscore which also can be used for people.
Don't be so loud you heat bag.
by EmoHatch March 19, 2004
A right ugly bitch.
Your girl is a seadonk.
by EmoHatch March 19, 2004
The best song by Senses Fail.
Senses Fail - One Eight Seven
by EmoHatch March 19, 2004
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