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A girl who likes Emo/Indie music, or basically anything obscure. Some cut, some don't. Some are sad a lot, some aren't. They usually have short hair that has been dyed in the past or is dyed now. She shops at thrift stores primarily, but doesn't mind getting something brand-new every once in a while. There's no set-in-stone definition of an Emo girl, because one Emo girl doesn't act exactly the same as the next.
Emo can mean a lot of things. Emo girls can *be* a lot of things.
by EmoGal August 08, 2005
An abbreviation for 12 Oz Mouse which is an oddly entertaining show with "cheap" animation and round-about plots with no real meaning.
Oz Mo is weird, but I like it.
by EmoGal August 15, 2005

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