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FUCT™ is the brainchild of artist/graffiti writer Erik Brunetti (aka DEN ONE).
Created in 1991, out of Brunetti’s Venice Beach bedroom, FUCT™ has, since it’s humble beginnings, single-handedly laid the ground- work for an entire generation of street-wear labels and designers.

Responsible for introducing to the world the “Planet of The Apes” printed t-shirts back in 1993, to using Viet-Nam war & German WWII inspired graphics, to the recent hand-drawn rock’n’roll iconography pieces, FUCT™ may well be considered the predecessor of subversive street-wear.

Drawing it’s roots in early skate-boarding and graffiti culture as well as punk-rock music, FUCT™ has maintained a steady cult following over the years.

Coveted by youth and Gen-X’ers, the rebellious nature of the brand has also attracted unconventional and outlaw artists and musicians such as Keith Richards, Julian Schnabel, Rage Against The Machine’s Zack De La Rocha and members of thrash metal band Slayer.

With a reputation for causing trouble through provocative graphics and bold add campaigns, FUCT™ has never crossed the thin line into self-parodic overkill. Authenticity behind every idea and design has proven to be the driving force and the secret to it’s ever-growing commercial success.

15 years later, FUCT™ has managed to remain synonym of anti-consumerism and progressive thinking by leading the path of decadent and counter-culture aesthetics.
FUCT: What is wrong with using heroin anyway ? Do people point fingers at Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones, or Lou Reed of the Velvet Underground, or 75 % of all crazy / inspiring artists ? Give Brunetti a brake, mister Fan. You should check your sources before writing these things. How do know that he is alive or dead ? How do you know that he is washed up ? Have you spoken to Erik lately ? Do you know that he is expecting a baby ? Geez, you people are soooo out of touch. - And to the Editor: you better make this update, or I will advertise that your site is putting out FALSE INFORMATION. - CHECK YOUR SOURCES !!!!!

by Emmanuelle March 18, 2006
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