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Ok, I don't care that the dude is white. White guys can be rappers. And I'm not saying he's not talented. But he's a friggin asshole. He sings about drugs and stuff about as much as other rappers, and not only is there a higher degree of homophobia in his songs, he's totally anti-female. He raps about how girls are nothing to him but bitches and sluts, and frequently talks about raping, and, a lot, killing them violently while they plead for mercy. Like half his songs are about how he's gonna kill his stupid whore of a wife cuz she finally got a clue and dumped the idiot. Oh, boo-hoo. He says he loves his daughter but he wants her to watch him kill her mother? Awwww. Sweet. Get a friggin LIFE, you asshole.
Eminem is an asshole.
by EminemSux March 27, 2007

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