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1) A term used to define someone who has no talent. See poser

Comes from the teeny bopper Hilary Duff, since she has absloutely talent.
My friend can't do anything, making her a Hilary Duff.

You are such a Hilary Duff!
by Emily April 13, 2005
tiny little city in New Jersey that is the ultimate epitome of coolness. An affluent white suburb of New York that specializes in snobbery, country clubbing, and discrimination. Also in close proxmity to Short Hills (location of one of the most prestigious malls on the planet.)

Random person: I'm from Summit

Other random person: OMG!!! I MUST WORSHIP YOU!!!!
Omg lets go to summit we can meet a CEO
who works on wal street marry him bang him and free load
by emily January 25, 2005
Hook up, meaning have sex or make out.
Emily and Beth h/u at the party, lesbiens are so hot!
by Emily May 13, 2004
ur boo that naggs to much alwayz buggin'!!!
he is such a buggaboo
by emily January 14, 2004
There is a rumour that if you eat the candy called poprocks and they you drink coke, you could explode when the two mix. It isn't true but it is a cool rumour!
I wanna try poprocks and coke to see if I really do explode!
by Emily April 15, 2005
The little town of Maryland (in MoCO) that is known for absolutely nothing. Oh, except for many of the 2002 sniper shootings being there. It's in between Wheaton, Rockville and Olney, and has the characteristics of all of those places, but mostly Wheaton. There's not a lot to do, but hey.
Let's hang out in Aspen Hill this weekend.
by Emily April 13, 2005
The CD's that help America's youth and young adults learn about America's "great" administration.
Hated by right wingers, loved by liberals.
Did you buy the new Rock Against Bush CD?
by Emily April 13, 2005

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