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2 definitions by Emilouh

The crease between the torso and the thigh. Creates a 'V' shape in the direction of the groin.
Incredibly sexy, makes girls dumb/thick/stupid
(Basicly i'd encourage all guys to get some)
Girl1: Why are you with that knob
Girl2: He has those sexy thingys (inguinal crease)
Girl1: Ohh I get it
by Emilouh February 15, 2012
A fairly new suburb north of Perth (WA) inhabbited by young couples and little kids. They generally have a pet of some kind and participate in many community events.
"Where did Barry and Shella get to after the honeymoon last year"
"They moved to Hocking, expecting a little one"
by Emilouh February 15, 2012