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mosha, Insult.
Used by Townies/scallies who are Obviosly the best things on the world, of course, with certainly gives them the right to put down EVERYONE else and brand them all as "Mosha's" of "Goff's"
No alternative in their right Mind would say they are a Mosha unless they were pathetic Half breeds, Minimoshas, Skaters who wish they weren't, you get the point.
Townie - "Ya Fucking Mosha!"
Alt - "Go Home, Get A Wash, Find Some music Taste, come back when your worth talking to"
Townie - "Ya Starting Me Like Kidda fuk?"
Alt - "No, actually"
Townie - "Eh, What, Yea ya were"
Alt - Parden, were you talking to me?"
Townie - *Brain Melts Out Of Ears in Confusion*
by Emetib April 27, 2004
The type of people, who, if asked the time would reply, "What, ya being cheeky, fukin startin me like?"

Surviving only by basing their lives around the Pack Mentality, townies hunt in groups for anything even Slightly differant to what they consider "Normal", i.e. Identical to Them.

So if you don't happen to buy your clothes in Fake Burberry from the local market, avoid at all costs.

Unable to cope with the fact they are the most unintelligent (have the same average IQ as thecommon cold) and pathetic sub-species upon the face of the earth they swarm towns with bottles of cheap cider and wine, and, after locating, cluster around lone targets with shouts of "Goff" and "Moshaaaaaahhhhh"
Townie 1 - "Ear, You a Goff?"
Townie 2- "Yea, fuking Goff like"
Person - "What? No"
Townie 1- "Yea ya are! Fuk"
Townie 2 - "What are ya then??"
Person - "I'm just me"
Townie 1 - "Whats one of them? Is it like a Goff?"
by Emetib April 27, 2004

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