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Emo chicks are girls trying to rebel against pop culture and be different. Usually they claim their lives suck, but mostly their middle-class kids and their lives are actually pretty good. In a way, ther are sort-of a breed of individualists. The purpose is rebelling against the popular society, and as said before, namely pop culture.

Emo chicks are perpetually attracted to emo guys. They will NEVER go out with a prep or jock, they always have at least one emo ex-boyfriend and usually a skater or two.

An emo chick's hair is probably the most importand part of her appearance. Usually the hair is black or red. Long black hair that falls over their face or with long bangs do fine, but the most common is chin- to shoulder-length hair with emo bangs. It's pretty much a rule that at least 2/5ths of their face have to be covered by their hair at all times.

Emo chicks wear tight black shirts, usually band shirts, and black jeans or cargos. Their wear a lot of black jewelry and heavy silver jewelry. They always wear wristbands-- usually to hide scars. Most emos are cutters, but not all.

Emos HATE being called goth, so be careful before addressing someone as either. There IS a huge difference.
Hot emo guys that can lick their elbows turn me on. >_<
by Ember Jay June 30, 2005

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