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Something you say just to make noise, so your friends will talk to you.
Person 1: Guys. Guys, I ate all the doritos.
Person 2: What the fuck?
by embem January 11, 2009
Hollister- a term used by people who hate the store.
Preppy-LYK O M G!!! lets go to this store and buy clothes that are already worn out!!111!! Theer soooo Q-tuh!!!
hollister disliker-Yeah, I don't shop at whorister. You have to buy 5 shirts to equal one normal shirt.
by Embem December 25, 2007
A fire type Pokemon attack.
I totally beat his bulbasaur in one hit because I used my charizard that knows ember.
by embem June 16, 2008
An acronym for Guest Service Team Lead.
At target stores, the person in the front with the keys and a walkie.
Who is the GSTL? I need to get a price check in toys, so I need a walkie.
by embem February 08, 2009
A friend, often times one way, who forces themselves upon others to make them seem cooler.
Amanda our friend rapist followed me home today because she wanted to hang out- I really don't like her.
by Embem April 11, 2008
an opportunity to stalk
I got the perfect stalkertunity today. I was able to follow him home so now I know where he lives.
by embem May 01, 2008
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