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2 definitions by EmCeBee

When a girl is getting eatten out, relaxes a little too much, and accidently lets a little fart out.
1. Jimmy was eating me out and I was so into it... I accidently gave him a blow fish...

2. Damn, I was going down on my girl and she totally blow fished me!
by EmCeBee January 20, 2011
When a guy sits on a girls face, puts his balls in her eyes and farts in her mouth.
1. I love it when my girl lets me give her a fluffer nutter - that's love

2. girl #1: Damn - Tony was giving me Ray Ban Goggles the other night and he totally farted in my mouth! What a jerk!

girl #2: You know what that is?

girl #1: No...

girl #2: A fluffer nutter.
by EmCeBee January 20, 2011