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1 definition by Elpooch

An abbreviation for the show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which is one of the most enjoyable shows still airing on TV today. It is currently on its 5th season, and has covered some of the most controversial subjects of today's society.

The show surrounds the astonishing lives of 5(originally 4) people, the owners of Paddy's pub, an unsuccessful bar in Philadelphia. The 5 constantly get into massive trouble, and each show plays a story out on a completely separate theme. There is a constant supply of new characters and old ones introduced, with a few musical numbers and some hysterical propostals.
Drew - "Hey man you up to watch some Sunny tonight? I have a party lined up, we'll have the first 3 seasons playing all night."

Austin - "Yeah man I can't wait, I love Sunny."
by Elpooch December 06, 2009