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An invention of the mainstream media MSM intended to drum up outrage at a statement or situation. The key characteristics of manufactured outrage are: (1) prior to the media’s intervention, the vast majority of the general population had never heard of the statement or had never found the statement or situation to be objectionable in any way and (2) the outrage over the statement or situation is intended to generate support for a left-wing cause, a left-wing politician and / or is intended to damage the credibility of a right-wing politician or any person connected to the right-wing.
In the 2006 campaign, Sen. George Allen of Virginia called out a heckler in the audience for one of his speeches. The heckler was working for his opponent, James Webb. In the process, he twice referred to the heckler as a “macaca”. Few people in the US had ever heard of the term before, but the media quickly played it up into major story, in order to portray Sen. Allen as a vile racist. The manufactured outrage over this incident was a major factor in Sen. Allen losing his re-election campaign.
by Ellsworth December 18, 2006
when you're too drunk and you don't know what to do, so you cum on the first person you see.
"i was soo wasted man, when we went skiing i made some fresh powder on her."
by Ellsworth December 14, 2007

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