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When you are typing an exclamation point and your pinky lifts of the shift key resulting in a typed "1" instead of a "!"
John: FUCK YES!!!!1!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!
Robert: Dude, you just "Exclamation Point Failed" all over the place!
by Ellron October 13, 2010
When someone used leetspeak in an everyday typing scenario to emphasize excitement.

This was developed of of the accidental " Yay!!!1!!! " when your pinky lifts of the shift key while typing exclamation points.
I'm so excited I'm going to use Happy Leet (1337)!!!!one11!!
Dude! I just got laid last night!!one!111!!one!!1
FUCK YES!!one!11!!!!!one!!!
by Ellron October 13, 2010
After a party, the hundreds of cups that are everywhere are fallen soldiers.
I had a party of only 25 people, but there were at least 200 fallen soldiers.
by Ellron December 23, 2010
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