7 definitions by Elliott Solomon

A combination of the word cripple and fantastic used to describe great things that cripples do.
Wow, that wheelchair wheelie was crippletastic
by Elliott Solomon August 02, 2003
1. All gothy and sexy like.
2. A stealer of towels.
1. "Ooh, she looks very gothy."
"Yes, quite the Vampi"
2. "Oi, you took my towel you vampi!"
by Elliott Solomon March 29, 2004
1. A slang term for crutches
2. an expression of irritation
1. "That guy broke his leg and is now using cripplesticks"
2. "Man, I just broke your TV"
by Elliott Solomon August 02, 2003
Slang term for a condom.
Fucksocks remove all sexual stimulation.
by Elliott Solomon September 23, 2003
A creature notorious for being very horny/frisky.
Wow, that guy's a Garg!
by Elliott Solomon December 13, 2003
The forbidden name that I may not say under pain of being attacked by Tunks. Not really much pain there then. :p It's her pet name for Nimrod dontcha know.
"hahaha, dormin!"
*Tunks kicks me in the nuts*
by Elliott Solomon June 23, 2004
A spinning Retard; or a rotating retard, used to express something more retarded than just a retard.

You are a rotard
by Elliott Solomon August 23, 2003

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