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City in Westchester county outside of New York City. Wrongly assumed to be ghetto by the more "upper class" towns of westchester like it's neighbor scarsdale. New Rochelle does have a run down and dangerous area in the downtown past the New Roc movie theater complex. Yet there is a very nice area of New Rochelle by the water and also by Wykagil. People always refer to this wealthier area as North End which is the home of alot of jews. North Enders often don't even venture into downtown New Ro and have never even heard of places like Lincoln park and Trinity school. You can usually tell the north enders from the rest of them by what middle school a kid went to. Albert Leonard is nicer and while diverse its in the north end. Isaac Young is run down and there are never more then 5 white kids in a class. New Ro actually has an excellent high school that looks like a castle, has two lakes, a brand new wing and a diverse student population. There are hispanics, definatly gangster kids (which explains the stabbing of 08)YES STABBING but there are a surprising amount of JAPs too. They party every night but manage to keep up with their AP classes. New Ro also has the best football team around making it all the way to the state championships in 09. NRHS football fully enjoys crushing the Scarsdale football team every chance they get.
Northender: Urghh don't you remember when the computers in the library stopped working at Albert Leonard??
Northender: OMG yeah that was rly annoying!
Southender: what the fuck yo computers? howd u get that shit at isaac we didn't even have a library we didn't have no textbooks yo all we had was dem mice

LETS GO NEW RO! aka New Rochelle
by Elliebeth December 28, 2009
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