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Exactly like filthy hobag, only masculine in connotation. However, without modification, this word can be applied to a female. This person thinks the world of himself, and would use any situation or relationship to his advantage and would not think twice about hurting anyone and anything to get what he wants. May have multiple partners concurrently or consecutively, and is typically "loose" with his libido. This person is a control freak and will manipulate situations that aren't going his way. Very jealous over successful relationships and often can be found attempting to wreck them.
(eric) is such a dirty douchebag. He's been through 6 breakups since I've been with (cindy) and every time he comes around trying to turn us against each other.
by Elkrampo7 September 29, 2006
A homosexual from central Oklahoma. Derived from the area's famous red dirt, the term uses alliteration when combined with "rump ranger" to describe homosexuals of that region.
I met this guy from Oklahoma City...he was a real RED DIRT RUMP RANGER!
by ElKrampo7 May 15, 2006
An award given to a business when service is so below standard it can only be described as MONUMENTAL grabassery, incompetence, and ineptitude.
The FedEx driver, local terminal, and customer service's combined incompetence, lack of communication, and apathy earned them the Delbert Award this week. I watched in horror as the tracking info on the website showed me that for 2 days in a row my package, a shipment of sensitive equipment was bouncing around inside a FedEx van because the driver couldn't be bothered to make the delivery.

He was SO disgusted with his cell phone service provider's crappy service, he nominated them for the Delbert Award on myspace.
by ElKrampo7 September 16, 2006

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