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29 definitions by Elkrampo7

To harbor more than an average or normal fondness of or for something. A way to say you really like something.
I got mad love for the mexican food, yo. -or-
I have mad love for Robot Chicken! -or-
I have nothing but mad love for you, bro, but you gotta lay off the sauce...
by Elkrampo7 May 19, 2006
A person who is exceptionally well versed in the art of the verbal bitchslap or verbal smackdown. This person may or may not have been burned on occasion, but is very quick witted, and is most often found doing the verbal smackdown.
Dude: Man, you're such a douche.
Verbal Jedi: At least I get more pussy than you. The last time you had pussy was when pussy had you.
Dude: ...uh...yo' mama...
by ElKrampo7 May 17, 2006
A douchebag among douchebags. Considered by "average" douchebags to be the cream of the crop of the scum of the earth. Although douchebags tend to run in self-assured packs, convinced of the own superiority, often douchebagglers are considered douchebags by ordinary douchbags.
Douchebag: That guy (eric) is SUCH a douchebag.
Non-douchebag: (eric) is actually the douchebaggler.
Douchebag: What's "the douchebaggler"?
Non-douchebag: You regular douchebags wouldn't understand.
by Elkrampo7 October 01, 2006
A blending of the two words inbred and redneck.

1.) A redneck considered so inept as to cause others to believe he is mentally challenged or inbred.
2.) An insult in a verbal pissing contest to those who are considered or conider themselves to be redneck. Like words are hick, hillbilly, etc.
1.) Person 1: Did you hear about (cletus)?
Person 2: No, I did not. What happened?
Person 1: He went deer hunting last weekend and the deer strapped HIM to the car.
2.) Inbredneck: If you don't like the way I drive, stay the hell off the highway. I pay taxes, so I can drive wherever I want, however I want.
Person 1: You were in the fast lane doing 40 next to an old man going the same speed and blocking traffic you damn inbredneck! If you'll notice, you'll see the signs that say "Slower traffic keep right."
by ElKrampo7 May 17, 2006
Same as bitch but is the epitome of the word. A contestible female who is self absorbed, materialistic, and often conniving.
Person 1: I won't even deal with (lisa), she'll screw you in a second, and won't think twice.
Person 2: Sounds pretty bad.
Person 1: Oh, yeah. She's the megabitch.
by ElKrampo7 May 17, 2006
Usually pertains to poor service, and most often refers to lazy, inept, incompetent employees.
That's not to say, however, that it can't be used to describe your average garden variety ineptitude. Friends or accquaintences are good sources of humor/aggravation of this kind.
My package was bounced around in the FedEx truck for 3 days because the driver couldn't be bothered to look for the address or even, given an alternate, to deliver the package to a place she FREQUENTLY services. Customer service was no help, the terminal is run by a bunch of crazy half-drunken idiots, and the drivers are OBVIOUSLY dismally inept. I've never seen such grabassery.
by ElKrampo7 September 16, 2006
1.) A date where one may acquire a coyote arm.
2.) Usually follows a state of inebriation wherein one person finds him/herself waking up next to someone that he/she would rather chew off his/her own arm than risk removing it and waking the fugly person.
3.) A person one would only go out with drunk, and result in a coyote arm the next day.
1.) Person 1: Whoah! What happened to your arm?
Person 2: "I went to the bar last night, and ended up on a coyote date."
2.) Person 1: What happened to you last night?
Person 2: I don't know. I went out, had a few drinks...the last thing I remembered was ording 3 more shots of tequila. Then this morning I woke up next to this fugly creature...I wanted to chew my arm off and not risk waking it up.
Person 1: Ah...you had a coyote date.
3.) Person 1: If you have any more drinks, man, I'm gonna hook you up with that coyote date over there.
Person 2: ...
by Elkrampo7 May 20, 2006