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A douchebag among douchebags. Considered by "average" douchebags to be the cream of the crop of the scum of the earth. Although douchebags tend to run in self-assured packs, convinced of the own superiority, often douchebagglers are considered douchebags by ordinary douchbags.
Douchebag: That guy (eric) is SUCH a douchebag.
Non-douchebag: (eric) is actually the douchebaggler.
Douchebag: What's "the douchebaggler"?
Non-douchebag: You regular douchebags wouldn't understand.
by Elkrampo7 October 01, 2006
Usually pertains to poor service, and most often refers to lazy, inept, incompetent employees.
That's not to say, however, that it can't be used to describe your average garden variety ineptitude. Friends or accquaintences are good sources of humor/aggravation of this kind.
My package was bounced around in the FedEx truck for 3 days because the driver couldn't be bothered to look for the address or even, given an alternate, to deliver the package to a place she FREQUENTLY services. Customer service was no help, the terminal is run by a bunch of crazy half-drunken idiots, and the drivers are OBVIOUSLY dismally inept. I've never seen such grabassery.
by ElKrampo7 September 16, 2006
Exactly like portmanteau, only much easier to remember. Two words are fused together by either joining a common syllable inbredneck or by compromising both (or possibly more) words to create an entirely new word with the combined meanings of both.
I called that rattle-trap pickup driver doing 45 in the fast lane next to an old lady that he was an inbredneck bastard for holding up traffic...of course I said it as I blew past him at 80 miles per hour.

Ex 2: "I heard a rawksome band at the club last night."

Both of these are examples of a frankenword.
by Elkrampo7 September 29, 2006
As in "crazy as a..." Indicates a persons mental health...or rather the complete and total lack thereof. Like shithouse rat, only more pc for use in mixed or questionable company wherein one might become offended.
Person 1: What did you do that for?
Person 2: Don't mind me, I'm just crazy as an outhouse rat.
by ElKrampo7 May 15, 2006
Alternative to rawkwome. It too means to be the epitome of both rawkand awesome, but uses the missing syllable lost in the frankenword, rawksome, to become "rawkawesome". It's simply a preference of syllabry.
Concert goer 1: This band is rawksome!
Concert goer 2: I agree, completely rawkawesome!
by Elkrampo7 September 29, 2006
The state or fact of being incompetent.
I wanted to add an update to my petition, but the website wasn't working correctly, and the webmaster suffers from such accute incompetence that I didn't even get an E-mail.
by Elkrampo7 October 01, 2006
When a person who can be described as a yutz messes something up to such a degree which can only be attained by them, could only be replicated by a yutz of their caliber, or to such a degree that he/she is eligible for the Delbert Award.
The FedEx delivery driver didn't show up AGAIN! She better not yutz-up 3 days in a row, or I'll have them send it back and ship it UPS.
by ElKrampo7 September 16, 2006

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