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A person whose existence is the very point of annoyance for most (read: all) who surround him/her. Synonym: douchebag
Joe: Yeah, this kid Sam, he totally busted into the party un-invited and then cut me in line for beer pong. I was like, WTF, dude?
Tom: Yeah, dude, I know that kid. What a waste of human matter. Yeah, that kid should have been a blowjob.
by Elizabeth LB December 12, 2006
A miniature martini, meant to be drunk in excess. Common drink among college-aged females who are sick of Cosmopolitans and Mojitos. Exagerration of how many one drank is encouraged.
Oh my god, Kristen, I totally had like 500 tini tinis last night. Where's the freakin' breakfast pizza? Oh my god, I HATE the dining hall.
by Elizabeth LB December 10, 2006
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