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Also, NMS.

1. Weird and/or fucking terrifying, usually in the context of a website, image or idea.
"Wow, check out this cool link I found! (NMS)"
"Wow, check out this picture of a girl eating her own poop with a spork! (Not Mind Safe)
by Eliphas Phatt January 07, 2008
Here There Be Monsters,
Here Thar Be Monsters

1. To tell somebody they are off topic.
2. To indicate that you're going to post/say something off topic.
3. To tell someone they missed the point.
4. An extreme version of Not Mind Safe.
1. "HTBM n00b"
2. "HTBM, but ever notice how birds are actually falling off the earth, not flying?"
3. "HTBM, n00b"
4. "Hey guys check out this picture I found of a man eating his own fingers (HTBM)"
by Eliphas Phatt January 07, 2008
1. The secular commercialist monster the holiday season has become, spanning of no less than two months, starting November 1 and ending once Target has sold out of 75%-off bullshit chachkies.

2. Christmas.
"I bought you this beautiful Christmasplex ornament shaped like ye olde holy Dollar."

"Merrrrrry Christmasplex, kiddywinks!"
by Eliphas Phatt December 26, 2013

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