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German for 'fast'. When you want something to be done quickly u use the word 'SCHNELL'. It is not intended as a german war joke; but because the german language is so powerfull (rammstein) and direct.

schnell is pronounced as: sjnell...
> I have to get my camera before we go
< Okey, but make it schnell

by Elger October 24, 2005
When company's change their logo, the logo gestapo comes into action. This service wants you to only use the new logo on newly shipped products; otherwise the product will not be shipped.

Logo gestapo is said to be wearing leather / latex clothes with the company's color; although i've never seen that.
The logo gestapo ordered me to update my software so that it contains the 'neues logo'.
by Elger October 24, 2005
abbrv of Unix and Linux joined together
*nix + linux = nixnux
I am creating a application for nixnux. A windows version is comming soon...
by Elger October 20, 2005
Abreviation of Frustrated IRC User. Not only used to describe flaming, annoyed or sexually frustrated (all the same) people on IRC but also used for these kind of people in the real world.

A fircu can be detected easily by regular people; a fircu usually has an obsession for something, has problems comunicating and/or usually overreacts extremely when someone ask him something normal.

The word originated after heavy discussions on IRC
Example 1: Jim at a store:
Jim> Can I get a screwdriver?
Retailer> What kind of screwdriver do you want, i got 40 different screwdrivers. I have the Philips 1, 2 and 3, flat, torx. Don't bother me with your ignorance about screwdrivers and say exactly what you want. I do NOT want to waste my time explaining to you.

Example 2: You on IRC:
Mike_1> m3h pwnd at GTA-SA
Mike_1> You are all t3h suxor
You> Stfu fircu

The retailer from example 1 or the irc user called 'Mike_1' in the second example are perfect illustrations of a Fircu.
by Elger September 28, 2005
A great hardcore/darkcore/industrial label from the Netherlands. Originated after (and in the format/style of) Ruffneck. Enzyme is harder and has much more modern and progressive hardcore tracks.
Enzyme is a gathering of styles.
by Elger August 25, 2005
Big fat dressed up red guy. The american rip-off from the dutch 'sinterklaas'. He has been used by coca cola to market their product and now is one of the most important icons around christmas time. He is fat because he is set to american standards. Santa claus is sometimes refered to as Santa or the man who brings presents on christmas eve. Santa is believed to live on the north pole, but seen his enormous profits and exploitation of little people his second home is believed to be in india.
> Who's the fat guy exploiting those reindeers and little helpers?
< That's Santa Clause
by Elger October 26, 2005

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