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Insane clown posse the worst duo or artist of all time, they probably have down syndrome being lyrically worse than soulja boy or some of rappers today who rap about the most fucked up and disturbing things you will ever hear they seriously made a song about fucking dead bodies. Its ronald mcdonald and his fatass boyfriend who ate too many goddamn quarter pounders. They had to nerve to diss eminem those stupid fucks making a song called slim anus parody of slim shady warning anyone who listens to this band will probably get a seizure. Brokencyde isn't even as horrendous as ICP. I hate they're fans yes I actually know one after learning that he thinks they are awesome and likes they're motives it makes me to slap the fuck the outta him and for him to get pissed on by R.kelly. I like screamo he has the nerve to tell me its better than metalcore bands when bfmv actually has talent I'd rather listen to hardcore anyday it isn't full of pussies they're fanbase consist of assholes and douchebags called juggafags or juggahoes who have an iq of under 30. They cannot rhyme and constantly use the word fuck in every song. Fans tried to kill celebrity/ reality star tila tequila when flashing at a concert smh. FUCK ICP AND THEIR FANS they are obviously crackheads with an obsession for clowns and future criminals or hobos.
Me: You like metalcore or nu-metal

Fan: Its not music its noise

Me: You listen to insane clown posse

Fan: Yes they suck but I like the messages they are trying to say

Me: What the fuck is wrong with you?

Fan: Nothing

by Element12empire November 05, 2010

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