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the word used for the crumbly remains of breakfast cereals, or crisps at the bottom of the packet.

-Cheesman family origin
"Does anyone want the chimbles?" "no thanks, they're yucky"

"ARG! JACK, you've finished all the cereals apart from the chimbles!"
by Elbe September 30, 2007
colloq. used for obvious misinterpretations or mishearings of lyrics in songs.

orig: Related to the song "Time Warp".
"...And a <b>velvet glove</b>, will really drive you insane..." - Time Warp (*pelvic thrust*)

"Come On <b>Irene</b>" - Come on *Eileen*: Dexy's Midnight Runners.

"Reach out and touch <b>face</b> - Personal Jesus: Depeche Mode (*faith*)
by Elbe January 19, 2009

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