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the word used for the crumbly remains of breakfast cereals, or crisps at the bottom of the packet.

-Cheesman family origin
"Does anyone want the chimbles?" "no thanks, they're yucky"

"ARG! JACK, you've finished all the cereals apart from the chimbles!"
#cereal #chimbbles #chimbles #crumbs #chiplets
by Elbe September 30, 2007
colloq. used for obvious misinterpretations or mishearings of lyrics in songs.

orig: Related to the song "Time Warp".
"...And a <b>velvet glove</b>, will really drive you insane..." - Time Warp (*pelvic thrust*)

"Come On <b>Irene</b>" - Come on *Eileen*: Dexy's Midnight Runners.

"Reach out and touch <b>face</b> - Personal Jesus: Depeche Mode (*faith*)
#songs #misintrepretation #confusion #lyrics #forgetfulness
by Elbe January 19, 2009
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