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There are two types of hippies, the Spirit Hippie and the Ego Hippie. The Spirit hippie has integrity and lives up to his own word of spreading peace/love and self acceptance. Dirty clothes and dreads are optional and do not define hippies. The other types are ego hippies. Ego hippies are people who really do not hold hipster ideals dear to there heart, but instead enjoy seeming different just for the sake of making everyone else seem less than for not believing like they do. Ego hippies are where the stereotypes come from.
I used to think I was a hippie until I realized I was just trying to seem different and get people to think more highly of me and my weed smoking/tree hugging clothing (I used to = ego hippie)
#hippy #hipster #hippies #hipsters #beatnik
by Elbarto150 October 10, 2008
A person who puts their life confidence in something visible. This person gets the feelings of love, harmony, unity, acceptance, courage, strength, patience, joy and all the other things that God brings from something worldly. They either believe in themselves while thinking that Christians do not (wrong) or believe in someone/thing else (ie. girlfriend, drugs, technology, scientist) to bring them hope and joy. The problem with this is personal to the atheist as it is a system of faith that will eventually fail. What happens if the person you believe in dies, or gets ill? What happens if you run out of cocaine or alcohol to feel social? They do not worship these things, but the atheist relies upon them just as the spiritualist relies on God.
Me: Explain how the world came into existence
Atheist: Science
Me: Yes I believe in that as well, but its not all an accident
Atheist: WHA?? you believe in science?
(shit, there goes 20 of my arguments)
#atheist #agnostic #satanist #faithless #darwin
by Elbarto150 October 16, 2008
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