3 definitions by Elapsetime

To be near death or very sick. To be physically or mentally ill, or both.
Dude was laid low for a while by that bad shit he got from Zak.
by Elapsetime April 05, 2013
A term used by someone who has the upper hand in a situation that he or she has imposed on another person or group.

Something that is less than ideal, and often not merely temporary.
You better get to liking it you bastard, because I have a lot more where that came from!
Don't like the way I drive? Get to liking it or walk, bitch.
by Elapsetime June 26, 2013
To pay someone for a monetary debt.
Yo Holmes, you better tighten (me, him, or her) up by Friday or it's your ass.
Dude, you better tighten Marcellus up real soon. He's gonna put a cap in you if you keep given his boy the slip.
by Elapsetime June 24, 2013

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