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A person who uses raw arcane energies to create magic via long-winded incantations that usually take several hours to utter. A master of this skill usually anticipates attack before it happens and starts uttering the curse or spell in their head hours before their opponent appears. It is a very powerful form of magic, however leaves the user completely drained at the end of the spell due to the nature of the magical energies used in the incantation. They are often killed before a battle by an assassin or another magician of a different class. It is an extremely hard to combat magic and requires immense concentration because of how much your mind is attacked by illusionists and demons and psychics. Unlike most magics practiced, this field is comprised of entirely dark and evil natured magic. It usually takes hundreds of thousands of years to master this particular skill and those that do can utter the incantations in less than a second. Be forwarned, if you ever practice this type of magic, write you own incantations in covenant with God or nature so that you do not become demonicly or spiritually possessed.
Alimar the Great, The Archmage(also and archmagus due to his mastery of every class and subclass of magic and alchemy) of Echelon Aelor, Xelor the Wise, and Athena Goddess of Wisdom
by Elanil November 04, 2009
A master of combat magic in a particular area usually based on their inner or favorite element. The elements include Light, Fire, Water, Ice, Wind, Earth, Plasma, and Darkness. They usually fight in close combat type situations using a quarterstaff or a magical pole. They are experts in both close combat and their particular area of magical expertise. You only become a warlock when you kill a master witch in single combat in less than one hour.
Aeronus the Mage(really just a warlock, not a mage), Phelios the Winged, Alimar Telias the Third of Echelon, Aelor the Great, Xelor the Wise, Athena Goddess of Time, Ares God of War, Zeus God of Olympus Mons, Azraelam of Olympus, Phelios son of Zeus, Caern the Great White Wizard, Volar al'Nithianos of Nal'Aris Guardian of Rhilos Terra and Heaven, Melchiar the Black Dragon, Rorek the White Mage, Firion of Heaven, Cloud Strife, Nobulus Imerius the Third, Gringa the Witch, Aphelion of Asgard, etc.
by Elanil November 04, 2009
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