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A noun used to label / describe or characterize a person whom has engaged in coitus, adn whom was either particularly:

a)sexually unfulfilling
b)sexually disatisfying
c)frigid, but is coerced by their
partner - without resort to rape - to engage in intercourse and has proved to be unadventurous or generally unco-operative
d)fundamentally a 'dud' in the sack.
e)a person (generally female) who engages in coitus under the pretense that the said act requires them solely to be both present and semi-recumbent so as to allow penetration, without any effort or manoveuring (i.e. movement - just lay there and take it)

See also 'starfish'
"Fuck dude! Tahli was a dead root ... I was like fully trying to mach her, but she just lay there."

"She is a dead root man, don't go there; may as well fuck a pie - cause you'll end up doing all the work."
by El_Gilbarto April 29, 2005
The act of performing sexual intercourse, with special g-force to boot - i.e. fucking hard and fast, deep and often continuously irrespective of number of times 'orgasm' is achieved.

(from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back - Lol cunt)
"Fuck man, I was like maching this hot chick and she was all like tired, but we just kept maching cause we both knew it was something special ..."
by El_Gilbarto April 29, 2005

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