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Yeah, the Juarenos & constant reminder of Mexico is a bit overwhelming at times. Plus the 100+ temperatures in the summer time is unlike no other but overall that's what makes El Paso, El Paso.
El Paso was established around 1680, thats right ladies, it's one of oldest cities in Texas. Older than San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, & Houston. It is THE Safest City in the country & Ft. Bliss is one of the largest Army complex in the nation. The 1st thanksgiving in America actually happened in San Elizario & has been the central place of Pancho Villa & Billy the Kid.
Also, education wise the United States House Committee on Intelligence is chaired by Silvestre Reyes, the House representative of El Paso. The newly elected Governor of New Mexico Susana Martinez was born & raised in El Paso. UTEP has alumni in the NBA, PGA, PBA, WWF, on SNL, ABC, an Academy Award winner & Olympic Gold Medalist.
As far as all the other people what keep talking about music Vanity Fair had a special on how the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's, Sleepercar and tons of other recording artists just love El Paso.
FOOD! Yes, El Paso isn't the healthiest cities in America but if you want some tamales, enchiladas or any Mexican food, El Paso blows everyone else out of the water but not only that, we got Smash Burger, Five Guys, Whataburger, Charbroiler, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chico's & a restaurant-to-house ratio of 1:1. Yes, as El Pasoans we love our food.
Lastly to all the people who decided to bash El Paso over the head, yes, I'm a native El Pasoan & I'm proud to say it. I've lived in Washington D.C., I've traveled to Madrid, Paris, London, NY & LA & somehow El Paso is still home. It's the culture & the people, yeah we don't have Palm Tree lined streets & a monument that anybody in the world can recognize but you know what I like it that way. Thats why we're in the Top 25 Drunkest cities in America, but thats besides the fact.

So, if you have a problem with El Paso, just leave because your honestly ruining it for all of us. Go to your humid & dirty San Antonio & just decompose there.
by ElPasoan915 January 06, 2011

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